Team # 379 -- The Monographs Task Force

December 1999


In addition to soliciting feedback from colleagues throughout the University Libraries, the Task Force conducted benchmarking interviews with colleagues at several other institutions. After discussing the feedback and reviewing the monographic workflow in detail, the group compiled a list of changes that could be made immediately to maximize efficiency. In its report, the Task Force also recommended a reconfiguration of the two existent departments to allow greater efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness in meeting the fluid needs of their customers. The Task Force's report is currently under discussion, with implementation expected to follow this Spring.

Team Membership

  • Rosann Bazirjian, Sponsor
  • Robin Anderson, Facilitator
  • Margaret Beckner, Member
  • Jeff Edmunds, Member
  • Rob Freeborn, Member
  • Angelina Holden, Member
  • Amy Paster, Member
  • Maxine Schollenberger, Member
  • Katherine Strenko, Member
  • Nancy Weinreb, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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