Team # 386 -- Career Services' Ask Career Services Team
Student Affairs

January 2000


A team to investigate the process by which we respond to student e-mail inquiries that are sent to our generic e-mail address: ASK CAREER SERVICES

Team Membership

  • Jack Rayman, Sponsor
  • Liz Toepfer-Hendey, Leader/Facilitator
  • Jungen Choi-Perkins, Member
  • Cathy Dufour, Member
  • Michael Hall, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • - One Staff member will take primary responsibility for Ask Career Services and the primary responsibility will rotate from year to year to avoid burnout.
    - A series of "canned responses" have been prepared so that each query does not have to be handled as if it is a unique issue.
    - A team of staff members will continue to meet periodically to monitor and assess the effectiveness of the revised process.
    - A large referral team was established (organized by topic) and the primary staff member was urged to refer generously.
    - Michael Hall will be replaced as he has left the staff.


    - Students receive responses within 24 hours.
    - No one staff member is overburdened by inquiries.

    Future Plans:

    It is anticipated that the Ask Career Services Team will continue to operate for the foreseeable future.




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