Team # 387 -- Career Services' On-campus Recruiting Process Team
Student Affairs

March 1993


A continuing effort to enhance the quality and efficiency of our web-based on-campus recruiting process.

Team Membership

  • Jack Rayman, Sponsor
  • Cathy Dufour, Leader/Facilitator
  • Kathy Bricker, Member
  • Teresa Keeler, Member
  • Theresa Morrison, Member
  • Jeremiah Richesin, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • - The team implemented a DOS-based information management system beginning in 1996.
    - The team has met continuously with new members rotating in from year to year since 1993.
    - In the Fall Semester of 1999 the team implemented a web-based information management system to replace the DOS-based system.

    Future Plans:

    - The team will continue to function for the foreseeable future - at least until the new Career Services Building is completed.


    - Postage costs were cut by several thousand dollars.
    - Student traffic on 4th floor Boucke was reduced by 85%.
    - Data entry tasks have been shifted from Career Services Staff Members to Employers allowing us to reduce the size of our clerical staff with attendant cost savings.
    - Data storage and retrieval systems are faster and more accurate.




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