Team # 390 -- MediaTech Enhancing Learning with Digital Video Tools at Penn State
University Libraries

December 2000


The University Learning Center, the Faculty Multimedia, and Media Technology Support Services each play an integral role in helping students and faculty acquire video equipment, use of software and obtain support when video editing for teaching, projects, assignments and research.

Team Membership

  • John Cahir, Sponsor
  • Erin Rehrig, Facilitator
  • Bill Bishop, Member
  • Kaspar Stromme, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • April 2001-- Resources available include: 1) a collection of more than 18,000 films and videotapes, 2) a pool of more than 3,500 pieces of equipment, 3) approximately 120 multimedia technology-enhanced classrooms, 4) trained operators who are available for film and video projection services, 5) reference and consultation services by professional personnel, 6) individual and small-group viewing facilities, 7) Web-based "Dial Access On-line," a 24/7 dial-in system that provides access to faculty lectures.




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