Team # 395 -- Educating Employees in the Use of Web-Based Benefits Enrollment
Finance and Business

January 2001


Team Membership

  • Billie Willits, Sponsor
  • Nancy Hensal, Leader
  • Doris Davis, Facilitator
  • Teresa Grove, Member
  • Beth Shimel, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • May 1, 2001: Flexible Benefits reimbursements began being deposited directly into employees' banking accounts, rather than issuing reimbursement checks to them.
    - Each month, this saves approximately, $306.00 in postage costs and $75.00 for the cost of 900 mailing envelopes
    - Approximately $96.00 is being saved each month which represents the cost of man hours to manually stuff and mail the Flexible Benefits Reimbursement checks.
    - Reimbursement checks can now be processed more frequently. They are processed once a week, instead of twice a month, so employees receive their reimbursements more quickly.

    October 31, 2001: An online system was made available for employees to request changes to their medical, dental and/or vision coverage.
    - This is a more efficient system for the employee.
    - It eliminates the need for these requests to be done by paper copy.
    - It saves the cost of printing change forms.
    - It also saves the employee man hours required to input changes into the computer system.
    - Accuracy is also improved because of this system.




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