Team # 411 -- Outreach Program Development Review Committee
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)

January 2001


Program development in O&CE typically is driven by individual programming units (e.g., Continuing Education, Distance Education). The improvement challenge to the Committee was to create an inclusive, cross-unit, rapid response approach to program development that enhances the impact of programs on the state, the nation, and the world.

Team Membership

  • Pat Book, Sponsor
  • Wayne Smutz, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Bill Curley, Member
  • Wesley Donahue, Member
  • Ronald Filippelli, Member
  • James Fong, Member
  • Peter Forster, Member
  • Tracy Frieden, Member
  • Deborah Klevans, Member
  • Donald Leslie, Member
  • Kenneth McGeary, Member
  • Bill Speakman, Member
  • Suzanne Wrye, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Total revenue has grown 21% while total expense has only grown 14% for 98/99 - 00/01 FY
  • Income per enrollment has grown 14% while expense per enrollment has only grown 7% for the period of FY 98/99 - FY 00/01
  • Income per FTE has grown 29% while expenses per FTE has only grown 22% for the period of FY 98/99 - FY 00/01
  • Observation: Greater Outreach impact due to increased programming while minimizing expenses
  • Total direct financial support to colleges and campus incresed for the period of FY 98/99 - FY 00/01
  • Net revenue sharing increased in the period of FY 98/99 - FY 00/01




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