Team # 414 -- OPP Work Control Center Re-engineering Teams
Finance and Business

February 2001


To develop processes for improving work control at OPP in the following areas:
Preventive Maintenance, Service Calls/Emergencies, Minor Projects, Major Projects, Scheduling, and Planning/Estimating

Team Membership

  • Ford Stryker, Sponsor
  • Kathy Bamat, Leader
  • Chet De Furio, Leader
  • Gina Lyons, Leader
  • Phillip Melnick, Leader
  • Lloyd Rhoades, Leader
  • Richard Tennent, Leader
  • Allen Bonsell, Facilitator
  • Dave Burns, Facilitator
  • Doug Donovan, Facilitator
  • Dot Green, Facilitator
  • Dennis Smith, Facilitator
  • Candace Wert, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Energy and water consumption decreased
  • Turnaround time for Service Calls and Average Hours charged per Service Call have decreased




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