Team # 415 -- Office of Student Aid - A Team Based Organization
Enrollment Management and Administration

February 2001


The Office of Student Aid is organized to function under continuous quality improvement principles in its day-to-day operation. Whether performing routine tasks or special projects for improvements, the entire office staff is engaged in teamwork on a continual basis. From this culture of teamwork numerous improvements have been accomplished. We have documented the key elements that comprise our culture, created a descriptive model of our organization, and highlighted several of our recent accomplishments and how they were achieved.

Team Membership

  • Anna Griswold, Sponsor
  • Cheri Gallagher, Leader
  • Shari Howell, Leader
  • Melissa Kunes, Leader
  • Bob Quinn, Leader
  • Kelly Snyder, Leader
  • Kerstin Roan, Member
  • Paul Simenson, Member
  • Bob Snyder, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Ranked #6 in the ratio of Student Aid Staff to Total Aid Recipients at Big Ten Institutions (797/1)
  • April 2001: Recent accomplishments: 1) development of an imaging system; 2) development of an on-line training center; 3) implementation of an electronic method to access student information; 3) streamlining of the short-term emergency loan process; 4) development of student aid applications for eLion; 5) "All Hands on Deck" effort during peak times for walk-in customers during first week of semester; 6) development of a general e-mail account; 7) development of the on-line schedule-change application; 8) return to answering phones in person, rather than using an interactive voice response system; 9) use of CQI tools for change--data evaluation, flowcharting, brainstorming and affinitiy diagrams, feedback from customers and staff, on-line surveys, new technology, and most important, teamwork.




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