Team # 417 -- Web Strategies Implementation Team

February 2001


This University-wide, cross-unit team was charged with the task of implementing a systematic strategy for a coherent Web presence and for future development of Web-based services. The team is to recommend strategies to increase awareness and skills regarding the methods, models, tools and training in the use of the Web for academic, administrative and business functions; identify best practices and leading edge applications at educational and other institutions; make recommendations concerning University Web projects that are most critical to pursue immediately and those that can be best structured for longer-term implementation; and develop a road map for implementation, priorities, and change.

Team Membership

  • Rodney Erickson, Sponsor
  • Fred Loomis, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Tom Abendroth, Member
  • Fred Aebli, Member
  • Thomas Berner, Member
  • Philip Burlingame, Member
  • Ken Cox, Member
  • David DiBiase, Member
  • Ann Dodd, Member
  • Patrick Donghia, Member
  • Ben Eisenberg, Member
  • Ken Forstmeier, Member
  • John Harwood, Member
  • Tom Irwin, Member
  • Sally Kalin, Member
  • Tysen Kendig, Member
  • John Mason, Member
  • Deborah Meder, Member
  • Gary Miller, Member
  • Tom Moore, Member
  • Kevin Morooney, Member
  • Rich Pearce, Member
  • Jean Landa Pytel, Member
  • Ron Rash, Member
  • Doug Stanfield, Member
  • Neal Vines, Member
  • Jim Wager, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Two measures of their success are the extent that they communicate broadly about web technology opportunities and the number of web initiatives that emerge. Many of the exhibits at the Expo relate to the work of this team. Deb Meder said that the real measures could be found in the teams that are represented at the Expo in terms of dollars and time saved and increased efficiencies.




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