Team # 422 -- Conducting a Process AUTOPSY

February 2001


Conducting a Process AUTOPSY is an informal process improvement methodology, developed to enable rapid incremental improvement in a fast-paced production environment.

Team Membership

  • Betty Roberts, Sponsor
  • Michael Pierick, Leader
  • Gregg Asciutto, Member
  • Gale Bowman, Member
  • Maria Cropper, Member
  • Jamie Fluke, Member
  • Peggy Goff, Member
  • Mike Poorman, Member
  • Cyndi Snyder, Member
  • Jan Villastrigo, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • April 2001: Seven process AUTOPSY steps: 1) Ask what happened. 2) Understand what should have happened. 3) Talk about what happened and what should have happened. 4) Organize a solution. 5) Planning, processes, practices, and or performance changed. 6) Standard Operating Procedures created. 7) Yes! Ensure the process is improved.
  • When to use a process AUTOPSY: 1) Use when rapid information is available. 2) Use when rapid change is needed--quickly prevent a repeat problem. 3) Use when rapid results are possible--micro changes, not macro changes.




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