Team # 439 -- Student Rating of Teacher Effectiveness (SRTE)
Undergraduate Education

March 2001


To improve SRTE processing, in order to prevent submission errors and to increase the number of forms submitted in a timely manner.

Team Membership

  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Sue Cross, Member
  • Sharon Jabco, Member
  • Will Kerr, Member
  • Jennifer Lewis, Member
  • Ralph Locklin, Member
  • Diane Mixon, Member
  • Dawn Zimmaro, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • An analysis of the error rates for the overall process (Spring 2001 through Fall 2002) indicates that we can expect between 7 and 8 errors per thousand (Z=2.42). This is a big improvement over the rates observed before the process improvement team first met. At that time, error rates averaged 32 per thousand (Z=1.85). The team will continue to explore ways to improve the process and to monitor results using Six Sigma methods.




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