Team # 463 -- Behrend College Creating Adult - Friendly Classrooms
Penn State Erie, The Behrend College

October 2001


Create "adult-friendly" classrooms appropriate for graduate students.

Team Membership

  • John Burke, Sponsor
  • Bob Light, Leader/Facilitator
  • Mary Ellen Bayuk, Member
  • John Fizel, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The goal of this team was to create several "adult-friendly" classrooms appropriate for graduate students.
    The college registrar added a fourth requirement - each room must have a capacity of at least forty-eight.
    Among the requirements identified by MBA students for such a classroom were:
    - increased access to the Web;
    - portability of furniture to facilitate a team approach; and
    - comfortable (three-hour) chairs with book racks.

    The result of the team's efforts is a recommendation to the provost for the development of two adult-friendly classrooms: Academic 43 and 59.

    Cost per room would include:

    - Desks: Einstein ELD 30 special Penn State blue laminate $2,800
    - Chairs: Perry PRYP w/bookrack 6,300
    - Wireless service 1,600

    TOTAL $10,700

    Cost for two rooms would be $21,400.




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