Team # 465 -- Update and Improve the Library Resources Assignment Set & Workbook
Altoona College

December 1992


Update and Improve the Library Resources Assignment Set and Workbook by reducing the number of user questions and complaints and lowering the rejection frequency.

Team Membership

  • Timothy Wherry, Sponsor
  • Bonnie Imler, Leader
  • Charles Clark, Facilitator
  • Chuck Kormanski, Facilitator
  • Mary Hooper, Member
  • Peg Tromm, Member
  • Cathy Wagner, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The revisions of the workbook and assignment set were completed by the start of Fall semester 1993. Methods of obtaining statistical information did not require change and therefore, remained the same. Each semester, the workbook is completed by 20+ classes of English 15 students. In October preliminary statistics were compiled at this time with three classes completing the assignment. In keeping with the issue statement, the number of questions asked about the assignment was reduced from 3.42 per student to 1.5 per student and the rejection frequency was lowered from around 90% to 74%. Although not measurable, an improvement in the attitudes of students, faculty and library staff involved in this project has also been noted.
    The Library was the first department at Altoona to form a CQI Team and complete it in one year.




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