Team # 470 -- Alumni Volunteer Phonathon
Enrollment Management and Administration

January 2002


Previously, thousands of phonathon sheets with prospective student information were mailed to alumni volunteers. Now, one-third of those volunteers receive the information via email. Volunteers receive email, open attachments, contact students via phone or email, then type their comments onto the attachment and send it back electronically to the Admissions Office. Paper use, postage costs and time spent preparing the mail has been reduced by using technology.

Team Membership

  • Elaine Barsness, Member
  • Tracey McCloskey, Member
  • Vince Timbers, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • From October through April, alumni volunteers contact students that have been offered admission to encourage students to accept their offers of admission and answer questions they may have. This year, one-third of alumni volunteers received the student contact information electronically. Forty-eight percent of student contact information was sent via email. What used to take the office approximately 20 hours each week now takes less than five hours. For 2001-2002, $1300 has been saved in postage alone, not including paper and ink costs.




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