Team # 472 -- Penn State eLion Project
Finance and Business

January 2002


The Penn State eLion system is an academic advising project that delivers secure Web-based services to students, academic advisers, faculty and prospective students. Each day, eLion processes thousands of transactions such as transcript and degree audit, registration adviser communications, choosing a major, student aid and tuition payment. This project is sponsored by several University offices and is a classic example of the benefits derived from a cross-functional team.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Leader
  • Jeremy Cohen, Member
  • Anna Griswold, Member
  • Ron Rash, Member
  • Eric White, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • One example of time savings is electronic grade reporting by faculty. An alternative mechanism at use at the University is grade reporting via scan sheets. Savings between these two alternatives include the cost of the scan sheets, the cost of storing, distributing and collecting the scan sheets, approximately two days of wait time between when the scan sheets are filled out and when the results are posted, increased accuracy by the elimination of scanning glitches, a reduced number of overall steps in the process, and the greater departmental control over the process afforded by an electronic process.
  • Thousands of transactions are done on a daily basis electronically using eLion. This project is a prime example of how Penn State is changing to meet customer expectations in the new digtal age.




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