Team # 473 -- Penn State Portal
Information Technology Services (ITS)

February 2002


The Penn State Portal provides its users with a personal "one stop shopping" view of University and Internet resources. Similar to My Netscape or My Yahoo!, Penn State Portal users can chose the information that is most important and interesting to them by adding and removing built-in content "containers" called channels. Content such as news, career planning and services, weather, Web cameras, The Daily Collegian, event calendars, and much more, allow users to build their very own Web environment.

Team Membership

  • James Leous, Leader
  • Carol Howard, Facilitator
  • Karen Hackett, Member
  • John Kalbach, Member
  • Steve Kellogg, Member
  • Jeff Mace, Member
  • Jo Nutter, Member
  • James Vuccolo, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The Penn State portal currently has over 300 separate access channels. The goal of this process is to increase satisfaction with the Penn State experience by providing a "one stop shopping" location for all visitors to the Penn
    State web. They have not currently measured the enhancements.




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