Team # 484 -- Building Bridges with Technology
College of Education

February 2002


The College of Education Technology Center implemented a phone "live assistance" service for faculty & staff to call and always have someone to talk to about their technical request and support questions; a dedicated email address; and an online web technical request submission form that submits their request to an automated help desk system. The system tracks time to completion, generates automated reports, contains a solutions and techical request knowledge base. In addition, the Center provides multimedia and graphic support to the College of Education.

Team Membership

  • Eileen Pennisi, Sponsor
  • David Cochrane, Leader
  • Michael Brahosky, Member
  • Michael Shadow, Member
  • Crystal Surovec, Member
  • Annette Vitale-Marshall, Member
  • Scott Weaver, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • They have added phone, email, and live assistant software called Track It to improve responses and user communication. Previously, staff couldn’t keep up with user requests. Now, they have freed up staff to fix problems rather than spending time on administrative tasks like returning phone calls. The new software allows them to log issues including cost, time, jobs done, solutions. This helps them with professional development, and they can also analyze the log for patterns in support issues. They have determined that they don’t need new people, but rather need more efficient processes.




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