Team # 486 -- Electronic Student Inquiry Response System (E-SIRS)
Finance and Business

February 2002


The team designed and implemented a Web-based system that collects, organizes, distributes and documents student incoming and outgoing electronic correspondence. The Electronic Student Inquiry Response System (E-SIRS) provides staff with Web-based application to efficiently respond to and track student email correspondence, all within a single Web application.

Team Membership

  • Scott Bitner, Member
  • Rick Ramsay, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The objective of this team was to improve customer satisfaction with the process of handling inquiries to the Bursar's office. The group did have some performance statistics in their presentation materials, but they did not have them available in a handout. They mentioned that the system logs all messages so that performance can be monitored. Currently, all responses to inquiries are given within 24 hours. The system has allowed for standardizing responses to frequently asked questions, thereby improving the quality and consistency of the communications. The system has also improved the quality of responses to more complicated inquiries by affording staff the necessary time to research the appropriate response. Significant cost savings have been realized from the reduction in postage and printing costs that would have been associated with a more traditional written response. Future plans for this project include expansion into other divisions within Enrollment Management and Administration.




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