Team # 490 -- Penn State Undergraduate Admissions Web Application
Enrollment Management and Administration

February 2002


Formerly, the Undergraduate admissions Web application was a static form, requiring applicants to begin and complete it in one setting and pay the application fee by sending a check separately to the admissions office, and the application still required some manual data entry. The new application has an authentication system that allows students to create an account, begin an application, and then return to it at their leisure. It is now dynamic, offering questions appropriate to the user based on the user's responses to previous questions, and the application fee is now paid online using a credit card.

Team Membership

  • Steve Mostert, Leader
  • Steve Focht, Member
  • Anne Johnson, Member
  • Amy Pancoast, Member
  • Dick Repsher, Member
  • Vince Timbers, Member
  • Jeffrey Waters, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Money saved in print and mailing of paper application by using web application:

    2001 application cycle - $4500
    2002 application cycle - $24,000

    The increase in money saved from 2001 to 2002 reflects a change in office procedure of NOT automatically sending a paper application to enquirers, but directing them to the web unless they ask specifically for paper.

    We have recycled the money saved into new web-focused customer service initiatives, like on-line visit scheduling and online transfer course evaluations, both to be completed soon.




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