Team # 500 -- University Budget Office Reengineering
Finance and Business

February 2002


The University Budget Office (UBO) is mid-way through a three-year re-engineering initiative called "Insight". In addition to migrating major data systems from the mainframe to local servers and transforming these systems to Web technology, a key focus has been on teamwork to improve data consistency and to reduce duplication. Accomplishments that will be showcased include new Web versions of the Penn State Fact Book, the University's Operating Budget, and the streamlined Official Enrollment reporting process.

Team Membership

  • Dick Althouse, Sponsor
  • Edie Hertzog, Leader
  • Lydia Abdullah, Member
  • Yakov Bernstein, Member
  • Lee Ann Candor, Member
  • Darla Confer, Member
  • Rhonda Demchak, Member
  • Karen Duncan, Member
  • Pam Edmonston, Member
  • Mary Jane Fisher, Member
  • Ann Gray, Member
  • Lisa Green, Member
  • Jody Heckman, Member
  • Rich Heininger, Member
  • Dan Hirschbiel, Member
  • Joe Holobinko, Member
  • Clay Hosterman, Member
  • Margret Kimble, Member
  • Paul Liadis, Member
  • Brenda McDowell, Member
  • Troy McLucas, Member
  • Steve Neeper, Member
  • Andy Reisinger, Member
  • Jodi Rice, Member
  • Michele Schirm, Member
  • Bill Smith, Member
  • Stephanie Snook, Member
  • Ron Snyder, Member
  • Lori Stevens, Member
  • Patty Tarbay, Member
  • Louise Walker, Member
  • Tim Whitehill, Member
  • Sue Witherite, Member

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