Team # 511 -- Facilities Request Process
Abington College

April 2002


The team should examine the facilities request process and determine if all or part of it can be improved using web-based technology. As a minimum, the improved process should reduce required lead time and avoid duplication, confusion, or misunderstanding while maintaining control and flexibility. Additionally, the process should include alternative but efficient means to function when there are computer, power, or network problems. Finally, the team should link the process to a single, visible, clearly defined and easily accessible master calendar.

Method of Communication between Sponsor and Team: Team Leader to communicate with sponsors through email updates and in person as appropriate.

Team Membership

  • Dale Hollenbach, Sponsor
  • Karen Wiley Sandler, Sponsor
  • Helen Brady, Leader
  • James Foreman, Facilitator
  • Jason Bozzone, Member
  • Marcia Delia, Member
  • Susan Hopper, Member
  • Pat Ingram, Member
  • Ken Johnson, Member
  • Russell Mulkewycz, Member
  • Samir Ouzomgi, Member
  • Joan Raudenbush, Member
  • Trish Smith, Member
  • Jo-Anne Wright, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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