Team # 514 -- Cooperative Extension Planning and Reporting System
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)

September 2002


Collaborate with faculty, field-based educators, and administratores to develop a Web-based planning and reporting system for Cooperative Extension's five-year Plan of Work

Team Membership

  • Ted Alter, Sponsor
  • Margaret Koble, Leader
  • Shuangyan Li, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Challenge: To develop web-based planning and reporting system for cooperative extension s five-year Plan of Work.

    Methodology: This sophisticated system, accessed through the Internet, captures different types of information from field-based educators and faculty about educational programs and activities

    Innovation: The Information gathered by the Planning and Reporting System is used to satisfy the requirements for local, state, and federal reporting as well as to inform cooperative extension s many constituents of programs and their impact.

    Impact: The system provides summary information that can be used as management tools by administrators and directors. The system is continuously updated and improved as feedback is received from users. The objectives identified for data collection are based on a needs assessment completed before the 5-year planning cycle begins.





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