Team # 516 -- SAN e-Commerce Solution
School of Information Sciences and Technology

September 2002


Team Membership

  • James Thomas, Sponsor
  • Cole Camplese, Leader
  • Keith Bailey, Member
  • Malena Moore, Member
  • Barton Pursel, Member
  • Eric Zeisloft, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Challenge: To provide students in programs that did not require full Penn State authentication an instant access account. Previously it took the account offices a week to 10 days to provide access accounts. In addition, they wanted to allow instantaneous credit card processing for registration.

    Methodology: They investigated everything relating to e-accounts, light authentication, and credit card authorization. Then they defined their objectives. They wanted to allow students, once registered by credit card, to be dumped into Angel automatically and then be able to contact their instructors. This was all to be a completely automated process. Next, they identified the people on campus of whom they needed to work with including: Data Management Services, Peter DeVries, and Outreach (in pertaining to e-accounts)

    Innovation: Fully-functional web application that provides instant access to non-credit training courses online, processes credit cards, communicates directly with the university course management system, provides access to course content, and communicate with the appropriated database information systems on campus to turn into a partial PSU student.

    Impact: The first e-commerce solution for providing authenticated access to university services. In the near future, it will provide the ability for students to have instant access to materials via world campus, CNI, outreach and distance education, and hopefully resident instruction.




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