Team # 517 -- SOAR (Search Online and Register) - a product of the O&CE Information & Technology Task Force (ICTTF)
University Outreach (Continuing and Distance Education)

September 2002


Team Membership

  • Outreach and Cooperative Extension Information and Technology Task Force, Sponsor
  • Ken Borthwick, Member
  • Jeff Luck, Member
  • Sherry Tirko, Member
  • Donna Yorukoglu, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Challenge:To provide a user-friendly way to search for O&CE products and purchase them across all O&CE websites with minimal impact to the unit websites (WPSX, WPSU, Distance Education/World Campus, Conferences & Institutes, Continuing Education, etc.). The unit sites are individually designed and maintained.

    Methodology: Starting in 2001, the SOAR Project Team begin creating a meta-layer to be applied to each unit website. This meta-layer provides consistent functionality across all unit websites and allows the customer to find and cross-purchase from the individual unit sites via a common ecommerce interface.

    Innovation: The SOAR project represents an approach that empowers individual units to design their websites in support of their individual business goals and processes while cross-selling products and unifying the purchase process to an organizational and institutional standard. The ecommerce portion is designed to leverage the University's ecommerce solution.

    Impact: SOAR is currently in development. The "search" function is to be released this summer and the "purchase" function will be released by the end of CY 2002.





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