Team # 520 -- Ag ICT - Products/Services Offered and Human Resources Available
College of Agricultural Sciences

November 2002


Recommend Solution (s) for Products Services Offered and Human Resources Available

1. Staff development time
2. ID how to set fee for jobs without materials
3. Inventory and evaluate all products/services and human resources available (competency & commitment)

Team Membership

  • Richard Kipp, Sponsor
  • Neal Vines, Sponsor
  • John Dickison, Leader
  • Peter Kauffman, Leader
  • Sharon Spicer, Facilitator
  • Stacie Bird, Member
  • Cyndi Carey, Member
  • Tom Cherry, Member
  • Sookyoung Cho, Member
  • Chris Deppe, Member
  • Chuck Gill, Member
  • Ron Johnson, Member
  • Tom Laird, Member
  • Melanie Macknair, Member
  • Howard Nuernberger, Member
  • Beth Raney, Member
  • Leslie Syrett, Member
  • Pete Warren, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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