Team # 522 -- OPP Steam Service Shift Schedule Process Action Team

November 2002


Develop by consensus a 365-day per year, 24 hour per day schedule, and a recommended vacation policy that will:

a. Promote the efficient operation and maintenance of the Plant
b. Provide coverage for planned and unplanned absences
c. Promote a healthy and safe work environment
d. Improve employee morale

Team Membership

  • Bill Anderson, Steering Group
  • Dave Burns, Sponsor
  • Phillip Melnick, Steering Group
  • Susan Rutan, Steering Group
  • Ford Stryker, Steering Group
  • Gary Ward, Steering Group
  • Paul Moser, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Dave Coval, Member
  • Gene Dubbs, Member
  • Gary Horton, Member
  • Bob Hutchison, Member
  • John Molnar, Member
  • Charlie Rallis, Member
  • Gene Ripka, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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