Team # 523 -- Mechanical and Nuclear Engr Waste Management Virtual Log and Good Practices Program

March 2003


Improve management and tracking of hazardous material and waste in the Mechanical Engineering laboratories and rooms. Project designed to improve "Waste Management Log Book" and other reporting processes. Process creates a virtual inventory of materials and tracks it from the time it enters the area and tracks use, transfer or disposal. The program also encouraged safe handling and management through a "good practices" approach to use and managment of materials and waste.


Team Membership

  • Richard Benson, Sponsor
  • John Vincenti, Leader
  • Jack Brenizer, Member
  • Matthew Lindenberg, Member
  • Kevin Myers, Member
  • Kimberly Smith, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Expected Results:
    Web based program that covers two areas: Management and Handling.

    In the Managment section, the program identifies labs and rooms and who is in charge of those areas (PI or SO) Prinicpal Investigator or Safety Officer.

    Has specific web link with PSU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to ensure that users know about necessary training, MSDS and disposal policies.

    Management section also has a CLOSED SECURE inventory system that is open only to PI who designates SO and other Lab Personnel who can use the Virtual Log.

    This information can be monitored by Department Head, Safety Officer, EHS and other authorized staff.

    The Handling section emphasizes "Good Practices" and also examples of improving use, management and disposal by pictures and practical information.




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