Team # 524 -- Pennsylvania Transportation Institute (PTI) CQI Team
College of Engineering

November 2001


PTI has grown considerably over the past 10 years, yet the staff support has not changed. In order to continue to handle the increased work loads, the director, Dr. Bohdan Kulakowski, felt that an effort should be made to improve efficiency in all areas of research administration. The team charge is, "To improve the quality and efficiency of the research administration process at PTI and to ensure that PTI remains a good place to work."

Team Membership

  • Bohdan Tadeusz Kulakowski, Sponsor
  • Robin Tallon, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Debbie Clemmer, Member
  • Greg Dauber, Member
  • Ageliki Elefteriadou, Member
  • Kevin Mahoney, Member
  • Lisa O'Hara, Member
  • Zoltan Rado, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • A survey of all PTI affiliates was completed. Only 29% of the faculty and 27% of the students completed the survey--compared to the higher returns from research associates (80%), technical staff (40%) and administrative staff (50%). From the data, specific areas were identified for further study.

    Meetings were held with staff to discuss some of the problem areas identified. The proposal process was discussed and individual tasks were defined in detail. Specific staff members were assigned responsibility for the tasks. The process was then documented in chart form.

    A need to document the current procedures was identified during the CQI effort. In addition to the team's flow chart of the administrative processes at PTI, an on-line Quality Manual is being created that will serve as a reference for basic information about PTI/Penn State procedures. The manual will include a search for individuals based on expertise, a procedure "how to" section, organization of PTI, and general information that might be needed by anyone affiliated with PTI.

    The effort is continuing on the Quality Manual and the team will begin to address the evaluation phase of their efforts.




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