Team # 526 -- Food Sciences Measures Task Force
College of Agricultural Sciences

December 2002


Develop and implement a centralized system for collection and reporting of key performance indicators and departmental reports.

Action Plan:
1. Evaluate current processes and data sources for gathering data for performance indicators and
department reports.
2. With information from #1, work with Dept. Head to define "key performance indicators" from
Department's Strategic Plan.
3. Working with Dept. Head, define "departmental reports and other measures".
4. Develop feasible solutions for a collection process for data/information defined in #2 and #3.
5. Present solutions to the Sponsor with cost/benefit analyses.
6. Sponor to disseminate solution and plan to faculty.
7. Assist in implementation of solutions including initial collection of information (test cycle for new
process), revising process, flowcharting and writing procedures and training stakeholders.

1. Staff with limited skills in databases development.
2. Database Training for staff (cost, time and money).
3. No additional resources for project.
4. Time - completion by Feb. 2003

Resources: Project to be completed with existing resources.

Methods of Communication Between Sponsor and Team: Direct communication and through Team Leader.

Expected Outcomes:
1. An understanding of current processes and data sources of data currently available.
2. An understanding of resource time to maintain, develop and run the system.
3. A centralized data collection system meeting defined needs of department with flexibility for expansion to
meet future needs.
4. Clear procedures and responsibilities of stakeholders.

1. Food Science Faculty and Staff
2. Food Science Administration

Team Membership

  • John Floros, Sponsor
  • Donna Merrill, Leader
  • Barbara Sherlock, Facilitator
  • Tom Dimick, Member
  • Bill Houser, Member
  • Lou Klindienst, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Team was disbanded at the end of 2003 after achieving action plans #1 - 7. Most of the expected outcomes were achieved for a fundamental centralized data collection system. Given the current resource and budget constraints, the sponsor decided not to pursue further automation of the centralized data system at the time. The Food Sciences Task Force was disbanded at the end of 2003.

    Received this information from Donna Merrill on 1/25/05.




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