Team # 528 -- 4-H Task Force for Revenue Generation
College of Agricultural Sciences

July 2002


Address the issue of funding educational programs through a new support and delivery structure that will enable creative programming so that the 4-H program can grow and be delivered in a quality way to all youth who desire to be a part of the program.

Team Membership

  • Blannie Bowen, Sponsor
  • Marilyn Corbin, Leader
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Linda Bolen, Member
  • Phillip Clauer, Member
  • Glenn Ganassi, Member
  • Karen Hack, Member
  • Phil Hoy, Member
  • Rick Kauffman, Member
  • Christy Kohler Bartley, Member
  • Joyce Malicky, Member
  • Roger Martell, Member
  • Bob Mikesell, Member
  • Claudia Mincemoyer, Member
  • Dave Rynd, Member
  • Courtney Straub, Member
  • Ann Swinker, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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