Team # 536 -- Faculty Senate Initiatives

June 2003


Team Membership

  • Susan Youtz, Leader

Results Achieved to Date

  • 1. Summer 2002 the Senate Office sponsored a senior-level IST student intern. The intern desinged and implemented the first database in the Senate Office. This database replaces several labor-intensive, manual processes previously used for tracking senators by location/adress, college, term, committee, appointment type and leadership positions. The database continues to be modified to expand its capacity, producing new efficiencies and increased effectiveness in the Senate Office.

    2. Implemented several new Web-based applications for the Senate that will yield cost-savings, improved customer service, and new efficiencies: on-line committee preference selections; during 2002-03 pilot utilization of ANGEL with five senate committees (chat rooms, posting of minutes, agenda distribution); ANGEL used to post General Education certifications/recertification course proposals, streamling the course approval process; effective January 2003, eliminated Senate Agenda paper distribution to more than 500 recipients (following the BOT distribution model, printed copies available only to Senators); conducted first-ever Web-based Senate election (nearly a 70% response rate, previously 58-62% of eligible Senators voted, replaced a 25-page paper ballot; collaborated with Senate chair, John Moore in the electronic distribution of a Senate newsletter.

    In 2003-04, the Senate meeting schedule will be reduced from seven to six meetings (three each semester), with an estimated cost-savings of $18,000-$20,000 (travel, meals, printing/copying costs). Campus and college visits will be placed on a pilot, once every three-year cycle which will also yield efficiencies and cost-savings.

    Future projects under discussion include:
    an electoronic course proposal system that would eliminate the current paper system

    investigation of llimited printing and distribution of the Senate Constitution, By-Laws and Stand Rules. Currently
    more than 500 copies are printed




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