Team # 539 -- AV Cataloging/Processing Improvement Team
University Libraries

December 2003


Project Objectives:
Review, document, and evaluate the effectiveness of the current ordering, receiving, cataloging, and procession workflow(s) for video, film, and DVD (or media) materials that the Library acquires.

Develop by consensus a redesigned process to catalog and process AV items that will:
1. Eliminate duplication of effort
2. Streamline the process to enhance effectiveness and timeliness

Key Performance Measures:
Turnaround time
Elimination of stakeholder complaints

Be sure to include:
1. Consideration of faculty needs as well as the needs of stakeholders internal to the libraries
2. Coverate for staff absences
3. Benchmarking
4. Workflow and duplication of effort within and between Cataloging Services and Mediatech for steps such as: receipt of originatl items, cataloging, annotation, labels, in-process items, multiple copies and formats, interface between Cataloging Services and Mediatech.
5. Potential future linkages between Medianet and Sirsi

Solution (s) should not incur any additional cost or compromise cataloging standards.

Recommend changes to the current workflow in order to streamline the process to maximize its timeliness and effectiveness, and avoid duplication of effort.

Project Measures:
A streamlined process with fewer steps and/or handoffs
The ability for Cataloging Services to provide full original cataloging when required
A solution that provides for backup staffing for all involved

Team Membership

  • Bill Bishop, Co-Sponsor
  • Rebecca Mugridge-MacIntosh, Co-Sponsor
  • Rob Freeborn, Chair
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Patti Berky, Member
  • Becky Carolus, Member
  • Stephanie Gates, Member
  • George Hall, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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