Team # 540 -- Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Development & Alumni Relations
College of Engineering

December 2003


The Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering is implementing a formal Development and Alumni Relations program into the Department. In an effort to best implement this new initiative, the Department will be utilizing the Balanced Scorecard to effectively manage and measure the program.

Expected Results: The scorecard team will be meeting in early February to identify and prioritize key initiatives for the Department to adopt to successfully implement the Development and Alumni Relations activities in the Department, and align those activities with the Department's strategic plan. The team will also work to identify key objectives and measures for executing and monitoring the team's performance.

Team Membership

  • Rick Koubek, Executive Sponsor
  • Marc McMullin, Scorecard Champion
  • Barbara Sherlock, Organizational Change Expert
  • Mary Lee Carns, Member
  • Angela Clark, Member
  • Randy Fisher, Member
  • Mike Immel, Member
  • Elena Joshi, Member
  • Richard Swails, Member
  • Jose Ventura, Member
  • Robert Voigt, Member
  • Brenda Wagner, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • The scorecard team met at the Penn Stater in early February 2004 for a planning retreat. The outcomes of the retreat were to 1) Apply the Balanced Scorecard and Strategy map models to Development and Alumni Relations planning and strategies in the Department and 2) Identify strategies to advance toward the Departmental and Development and Alumni Relations goals.

    At the conclusion of the retreat, the team identified 3 initiatives and aligned objectives and measures for each of those initiatives. The initiatives are 1)Develop Department Stewardship Plan 2) Develop Department Cultivation Plan 3) Develop Department Communications Plan. Various team members had action items assigned to them with due dates for each action item. The teams objective is to complete and fully implement these 3 initiatives by April 30, 2004.

    The team is schedule to meet in early May 2004 to review progress made to date on the first 3 initiatives and to address any unfinished business from the first planning retreat. Two items of unfinished business are 1) Discuss alumni relations issues 2) Learning and Growth issues.

    Since the first retreat a strategy map has been drafted which aligns the Learning and Growth, Internal Processess, Constituent and Financial perspectives to one another.




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