Team # 544 -- Graduate Assistantship Commitment & Funding Process Team
College of Agricultural Sciences

May 2003


Objective: The process for department faculty to request, receive approval, and staff to initiate information for graduate student support ($) is currently undefined. This has led to uncertainty of students' funding status, inefficiencies of staff's time dealing with the process, and the Department Head's inability to maximize the effectiveness of the department's graduate assistantship funds toward recruitment of new students. The objective of this team is to define and develop a system for approving and tracking assistantship commitments for funding and grant-in-aid packages (GIA's) for graduate students; document the system; and make recommendations and help train department members and implement the process.

Expected Results:
1) Common understanding of current process by staff involved,
2) Ability to get real-time information from system (reports from database),
3) Optimal use of GIA resources
4) Ability to make more timely offers to students
5) More efficient use of resources (staff & faculty time)

Measures of progress for project
1) Time line for sub-process improvements to be in place (new forms, procedures),
2) Once new procedures/forms are in place and members trained, let system run for one full academic cycle and obtain feedback.

Measures of process improvement being successful:
1) Reports will meet customers needs
2) Timing of information to Department Head
3) Measure of GIA's awarded versus unused
4) Improved and timely communication between Dept Head, faculty and staff involved in process.

Team Membership

  • John Floros, Sponsor
  • Amy Larimer, Co-Leader
  • Juanita Wolfe, Co-Leader
  • Donna Merrill, Facilitator

Results Achieved to Date

  • Note: Exprected result:
    Common understanding of current process by staff involved has been achieved.




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