Team # 554 -- Construct Server Room
Enrollment Management and Administration

July 2003


The Registrar’s office continues to develop services for students, faculty, and alumni that are supported on computer servers within the Registrar’s office. These servers must be physically secure and operate in a controlled environment to insure uninterrupted service. This construction project will result in a new server room, the elimination of the wall now separating rooms 112 and 110, and the creation of a new office by combining rooms 112 and 112F.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Bob Becker, Member
  • Rob Bloom, Member
  • Ross Borde, Member
  • Mike Herbstritt, Member
  • Karen Sampsel, Member
  • Mary Beth Schmidhamer, Member
  • Jerry Stimely, Member
  • David Stucky, Member
  • John Zeiders, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Completed: Obtain design specifications and cost estimates from OPP
    Obtain design specifications and cost estimates from McCartney’s
    Create a new office by combining offices 112D and 112F.
    Complete construction of server room and remove the wall between rooms 112 and 110.

    Completed 07/02/03: Reorganize office workspace for IT staff.




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