Team # 555 -- Kiosk for Official Transcripts & Enrollment Verifications
Enrollment Management and Administration

February 2004


Provide a new self-service capability for students visiting the Enrollment Services counter to request, pay, and receive an official transcript and enrollment verification.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Ross Brode, Leader
  • Deb Richards, Member
  • David Stucky, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Completed 04/28/03: The Registrar and eLion images will be modified to identify the origin of each request. When a request is made from one of the kiosk computers, output will be directed to a specific printer in the Enrollment Services and the requestor will be informed to obtain the official document at the Registrar’s student service counter. These changes will be completed and placed into production before the eLion production change freeze, 04/29/03 – 05/19/03.




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