Team # 556 -- eLion Grade Reporting - Retrieve Grades from ANGEL
Enrollment Management and Administration

October 2003


Enhance the eLion Grade Entry application to allow instructors to submit their ANGEL final grades electronically. This initial project is a pilot project which is limited to an invited number of faculty for Fall Semester 2003.

Team Membership

  • Carol Findley, Leader
  • Vicki Bordi, Member
  • Robert Bowser, Member
  • Dawn Boyer, Member
  • Peter deVries, Member
  • Cheri Gallagher, Member
  • David Hoover, Member
  • Anne Kepler, Member
  • Kathi Reynolds, Member
  • Dave Thompson, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Completed 09/30/03: Analysis of the process flow for the eLion/ANGEL grade reporting application.
    Completed 10/24/03: eLion interface design
    Completed 11/14/03: eLion Grade Entry programming and ANGEL Gradebook programming changes.
    Completed 11/25/03: Complete User Testing.
    Completed 12/02/03: Complete the documentation for the eLion/ANGEL grade reporting application.
    Completed 12/02/03: Production implementation into eLion Faculty (for invited faculty in the pilot project)




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