Team # 560 -- Create Enrollment Reporting EIS Model
Enrollment Management and Administration

January 2003


The conversion of the ERS to an Enterprise Information System model will eliminate having to open numerous browser windows to review reports for multiple years and semesters. Incorporating all of the static html reports into one interactive Web model will allow users to have the ability to bookmark their own data view and retrieve information of value to them. The model will be refreshed weekly. Drill-down capability will enable users to obtain the detail records behind the defined view and perform additional reporting requirements on their own.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Garry Burkle, Leader
  • Shawn Wagner, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Completed 3/21/03: Analyze data requirements, measures, and update schedule
    This will include:
    ·Review of the existing ERS Reporting System queries to determine data required for extract
    ·Determining if there are additional data elements to enhance summary informtion
    ·Developing meaningful measures for the Web model
    ·Reviewing potential source file options for building the Web model to ensure that the update process response time
    is reasonable
    ·Development of preliminary model using Cognos tools, the Data Warehouse, Access, and SQL Server
    Completed 3/26/03: Finalize a preliminary model for review
    Completed 3/28/03: Preliminary review with Jim Wager
    Completed 5/09/03: Complete any modification per review outcome and test update process to verify response time
    Completed 5/16/03: Complete census week valication with Budget Office
    Completed 5/20/03: 2ed review with Jim Wager
    Completed 5/30/03: Complete validation of the model summary information by using calculations to verify measures and using historical ERS Reporting System reports
    Completed 6/03/03: Final review with Jim Wager
    Completed 08/15/03: Schedule a review session with the EIS Standard Review Committee for approval to move the model into production
    Completed 08/22/03: Coordinate production imlementation with Shelley Gette (AIS)




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