Team # 561 -- Finalize eLion Grading Implementation Issues
Enrollment Management and Administration

January 2003


There are currently 19 outstanding projects related to the new grade collection system. These projects are mostly enhancements to the system, some ideas coming from our colleagues across the university system and some from staff within the office.

Team Membership

  • Jim Wager, Sponsor
  • Cheri Gallagher, Leader
  • Carol Findley, Member
  • Andrea Harrington, Member
  • Deb Richards, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • Complete 03/04/03: System enhancement list given to Carol.
    Complete 03/04/03: eLion/ISIS demo changes given to Andrea
    Complete 03/13/03: eLion/ISIS demo site changes completed
    Complete 03/21/03: Carol provide Cheri final mock-up of new eLion panels
    Complete 03/21/03: Cheri provides any final eLion demo changes to Andrea
    Complete 03/25/03: System enhancements (03/04/03) completed. Changes on eLion test server.
    Complete 03/31/03: All system enhancements complete. Sign-off by Cheri on project.




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