Team # 574 -- Undergraduate Admissions Directors; Projects and Priorities
Enrollment Management and Administration

December 2003


Objective: Technology has caused our processes to change considerably. To satisfy our customer service expectations and our internal efficiency, we needed to assess the importance of projects and prioritize our work flow. Not everything that needed to be accomplished could be completed without establishing a sense of overall office priorities, human resource availability, and achieved outcome.

Expected Results: Work requests were organized into a list of categories and priorities within those categories were established. As the Directors discussed the priorities, a better sense of vision and direction for the office was established. Management of projects has been agreed upon. Progress on the accomplishment of projects is now understood and work flow is more efficient as we continue to check off completed items from the list.

Team Membership

  • John Romano, Sponsor
  • Randy Deike, Co-Leader
  • David Kuskowski, Co-Leader
  • Carolyn Boswell, Member
  • Ed Escalet, Member
  • Geoffrey Harford, Member
  • Martha Jordan, Member
  • Steve Mostert, Member
  • Barbara Thompson, Member
  • Carol Walker, Member
  • Mark Weaver, Member
  • Ed Whitaker, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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