Team # 583 -- University Health Services Departments of Finance and Patient Services, General Medicine, Urgent Care, and Women’s Health “Superbill” Team
Student Affairs

February 2004


Improve the accuracy and completeness of information entered on the Superbill to alleviate loss of UHS income and facilitate patients receiving appropriate insurance reimbursements.

Team Membership

  • Peg Spear, Sponsor
  • Barbara Virgil, Leader
  • Connie Cavalier, Member
  • Shelley Haffner, Member
  • Bruce Jansen, Member
  • Susan Miller, Member
  • Brenda Neff, Member
  • Kathy Petroff, Member
  • Barbara Rigg, Member
  • Patti Stimer, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • 6/29/04 - We have two QI projects that are addressing issues related to "lost income": 1) patients "walking out" without presenting at Check-Out with their superbills for processing; (Team #582) and 2) incomplete information on superbills; i.e., services being provided are not noted by staff on the superbill and thus are not charged to the patient. (Team #583) Between the two QI projects we have been able to recoup $16,460.25 in lab and x-ray charges from April 2003 - April 2004. - Pat Irwin




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