Team # 614 -- OPP Training Program Team

March 2004


Develop and implement a training program for janitorial employees including:

a) Standard operating procedures
1) grade 10 duties
a) product chemical selection
b) proper chemical use
c) proper cleaning procedures
d) other
2) grade 9 duties
a) floor care
b) relamping
c) prper machine use
d) general machine maintenance
e) other
b) Safety
1) ladder safety
2) lockout/tagout
3) hazardous communication (MSDS)
4) bloodborne pathogens
5) lifting and bending
6) laboratory safety
7) other
c) New employee orientation
d) Policy/procedure changes
3) Develop a comprehensive database tracking program

Goal: To provide a quality cost-effective training program to all janitorial employees.

Team Membership

  • Janitorial Quality Management Board, Sponsor
  • Sarah Thomas, Leader
  • Cathy Aukerman, Member
  • Heather Ayers, Member
  • Roger Barndt, Member
  • Buddy Daughenbaugh, Member
  • Rick Dills, Member
  • Sandie Ghaner, Member
  • Ron Nagle, Member
  • Rosemary Wilson, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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