Team # 618 -- OPP Project Management Software Team

April 2004


Develop a common software tool and centralized source of project data.

Team Membership

  • Ford Stryker, Sponsor
  • Steve Maruszewski, Leader
  • Doug Donovan, Facilitator
  • Marvin Bevan, Member
  • Vernon Davis, Member
  • Chet De Furio, Member
  • Ed Gannon, Member
  • Bernadine Harrity, Member
  • Bob Kellar, Member
  • Ronald Kobelenske, Member
  • Jeff Kokoskie, Member
  • Greg Scott, Member
  • Harry Gearhart, Resources
  • Kathy Lathbury, Resources
  • Katie Rountree, Resources
  • Jim Smith, Resources
  • Chad Spackman, Resources

Results Achieved to Date




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