Team # 624 -- OPP Develop Additional Maximo Storerooms Team

April 2004


i. Establish a procedure/process where materials can be readily retrieved for Area Services.
ii. Establish a procedure/process where ALL stocked materials are inventoried and tracked for
all five Area Shops.
iii. Establish a procedure/process where the current process of Material Transfer Invoicing (MTI)
can be eliminated or drastically reduced.
iv. Establish a procedure/process where materials used by an Area Services shop can automatically
be reordered.
v. Establish a procedure/process where any OPP employee can obtain maintenance materials from
any of the five Area shops.

Team Membership

  • Ford Stryker, Sponsor
  • Gary Ward, Leader
  • Greg Andersen, Member
  • Jerry Fulare, Member
  • Beth Haas, Member
  • Bob Hunter, Member
  • Kathy Lathbury, Member
  • John Reish, Member
  • Jim Smith, Member
  • David Stoner, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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