Team # 635 -- College of Earth and Mineral Sciences Work/Life Group

August 2004


The team was charged by the dean to look at possible ways to make it easier and more attractive for staff to combine family life and work life.

Team Membership

  • Cindy Anders, Member
  • Eric Barron, Member
  • Kelly Rhoades, Member
  • Susan Spaugh, Member
  • Kathy Spicer, Member
  • Michelle Stem, Member
  • Melanie Stine, Member
  • Rhoda Stoner, Member
  • Martha Traverse, Attendee

Results Achieved to Date

  • The team realized that it had more to discuss than just "family-friendly" policies. Members discovered a whole new area of the culture and climate that exists for faculty and staff colleagues and our student customers.

    The first idea to be implemented by the dean is to host a special strategic planning luncheon to give staff the opportunity to have a say, and exchange ideas, about the future of the success of the college.




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