Team # 637 -- Animal Sciences Study Group
College of Agricultural Sciences

April 2004


Objective: Take a creative and visionary look to the future of animal sciences, predict new directions for animal sciences, determine directions for current and future education programs, provide mechanisms to enhance undergraduate and graduate training, determine administrative organization that would facilitate growth within the college and identify areas with growth potential within the college.

Team Membership

  • Robert Steele, Sponsor
  • Gary Perdew, Chair
  • Ann Dodd, Facilitator
  • Guy Barbato, Member
  • Dan Hagen, Member
  • Marvin Hall, Member
  • Andy Henderson, Member
  • Chet Hughes, Member
  • Jeff Hyde, Member
  • Bhushan Jayarao, Member
  • Ron Kensinger, Member
  • Paul Patterson, Member
  • Ramesh Ramachandran, Member
  • Gary Sheppard, Member
  • Gabriella Varga, Member
  • George Wilcox, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: Provide information of where our college will be heading and what it might look like in 10-15 years.




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