Team # 646 -- Young Engineers and Scientists Recruitment Program at Penn State Berks
College of Engineering

December 2003


Objective: Provide a week long exploration into engineering, technology, & applied science
Learn about the various engineering disciplines, civil, chemical, electrical/computer, & mechanical & nuclear through hands on activities and projects
Learn and also share their interest and ideas about specialty areas within engineering & science
Emphasize the role of engineers as inventors and developers of new products & processes for the benefit of society
Learn how best to prepare in high school to major in engineering in college

Team Membership

  • Susan Phillips Speece, Sponsor
  • John Vincenti, Project Director
  • Guy Anderson, Member
  • Sean Brennan, Member
  • John Cameron, Member
  • Paul Heinemann, Member
  • Haftay Jailu, Member
  • Christine Masters, Member
  • Terry Speicher, Member

Results Achieved to Date

  • ExpectedResults: YES! Young Engineers & Scientists Week-long Day Camp proven to be a successful mobile outreach program to excite talented and interested youth in engineering. Participants rated the program out of a possible (5.0) as follows: All hands-on activities (4.5); Engineering Information (4.7); and Overall impression (4.2). Comments included: "Guests (PSU faculty) inspiring." "It was fun." "Our guests inspired me to work hard." "I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in math,science and/or engineering." Participants indicated as interest fields after program in agriculture, civil, mechanical, architectural and electrical engineering.

    Notes: The Young Engineers and Scientists summer day camp program will be run again this year at Penn State Berks, June 27, 2005 through July 1, 2005.




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