Team # 668 -- Student Aid "Non-Traditional Programs" Working Group
Enrollment Management and Administration

June 2002


Objective: This ongoing working group first convened in June, 2002, with the purpose of evaluating federal and state regulatory requirements for the administration of financial aid to students in non-traditional programs; to identify the various non-traditional programs offered at Penn State; to work with appropriate personnel in these programs to increase their understanding of the impact of the program/course structure on eligibility for and delivery of student aid and to enhance automated systems ­ to the extent possible ­ in order to streamline the delivery of student aid to Penn State students in non-traditional programs.

Team Membership

  • Shari Howell, Sponsor/Leader
  • Jean Gasparato, Member
  • Ralph Hosterman, Member
  • Melissa Kunes, Member
  • Josetta Lichty, Member
  • Evelyn Nordberg, Member
  • Doug Tice, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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