Team # 685 -- IST Events and Programs Committee
College of Information Sciences and Technology

October 2005


We were promopted to form this group with the increasing role that outreach is playing in the College as we have continued to grow. Coordination of events is essential as is building on the expertise of our faculty and staff to offer programs. We have already begun an events calendar that helps us with scheduling, have developed a template that can be used to propose events, and have eliminated conflicts in room scheduling. We also are beginning to identify faculty who are interested in providing outreach programs. The committee is composed of faculty and staff from across the college able to provide assistance in program planning and delivery. As programs are developed, they will be added to the college's portfio.

ExpectedResults: Out ultimate goal is to develop a portfolio of outreach activities that can be offered to various groups asking for programming.

Team Membership

  • Joseph Lambert, Chair
  • Kristy Catalano, Member
  • Shawn Clark, Member
  • Julie Coughlin, Member
  • Charlie DuBois, Member
  • Dave Hall, Member
  • Susan Lucas, Member
  • Steve Murgas, Member
  • Stan Supon, Member
  • John Yen, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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