Team # 692 -- DUS Learning Outcomes Assessment Team
Undergraduate Education

February 2006


We have established a team within the advising staff of DUS, that is working on Learning Outcomes Assessment for students enrolled in DUS.

We created the team to better define the educational objectives and learning outcomes of the enrollment program of DUS, to assess how well students meet the learning outcomes of DUS enrollment, and to identify any current teaching strategies that may need improvement.

To date, we have worked to refine our unit's values, vision and mission statements, our educational objectives, and our anticipated learning outcomes. Two team members attended a national conference on academic advising assessment, to gain further insight into this work. We are in the process of mapping the learning outcomes to our strategies, so that we can begin to develop the specific assessment tools we will use to measure the outcomes. We hope to implement some measures during the upcoming academic year.

Team Membership

  • Marie Lindhorst, Chair
  • Maren Larson, Member
  • Michael Leonard, Member
  • Weldon Sams, Member
  • Janet Schulenberg, Member

Results Achieved to Date




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